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We are back in Victoria now and enjoying seeing the growth of the lovely Saga daughter Giselle who is owned by Samantha Buckley and over halfway to her title with wins including Puppy in Show and Runner up to Best in Group (Group 2nd)

June 15 - Sienna wins a lovely Best of Breed at the Working Dog Club of Victoria Champioship show under Mr Gunnar Nymann of Denmark.  Giselle wins Puppy in show and shortlisted for Best in Show. 

2017, a new year, a new direction with a new dream!


Whilst we have been known for our Smooth Collies for many years now, we have decided to take a new direction, bring in the Sheltie team! Headed by our much adored Tristan, Ch Elenbah Tri Umphant who will always be Becky's Number 1.

In 2015, we where given the chance to campaign Emily, Ch Kelanmee The Divine Miss M, water under the bridge now as Emily is still a much adored member of the family and co-owned with her breeder Kim Tressider.

2016, saw us purchase the blue merle girl, Evablue Taylor Made Jeans, who is to be our foundation girl, a great grand daughter of our Tristan she has personality to spare.

Brings us to 2017, whilst at Carolyn Pfeiffer's home late in 2016, I saw Sienna, Ch Mallaraba Miss Marple after chatting about her pedigree with Carolyn, I knew I wanted this girl in my yard. After much persuasion, Mid January, Carolyn finally agreed to allow Sienna to join our family..........

The Smooth's I hear you ask......They are going no where. Whilst I currently have no litter's planned until 2018, The Collies are still here and will continue to be shown.

Now we are set. My dream's just may come true!



Not a hurried start to the year, Erin has completed her title, her sister in Victoria Delinda is picking up points nicely.  Saga has been to her first shows for the year joining Erin at Toowoomba with both of them picking up the Best of Breeds.


In Shelties Sienna made a succesful debut with us and is now out of coat, Emily is home after raising her litter for breeder Kim Tresidder and our own Sheltie litter have departed for their new homes far and wide and Miss Lullah is about to make her showring debut.


We have Collie Rough babies looking for new homes, if you are interested please email in the first instance.


We had a fun time at the recent Collie Nationals with Eva winning Best Veteran of Breed and Delinda making the journey from Victoria and winning her class and Intermediate of breed.  Our visiting Rough Collie Oliver taking our Dog Challenge, Ru Best of Breed and Best Australian Bred in Show.

The Shelties made an appearance at EKKA and the Working dog feature show with Miss Em winning BOB at the WDF and Lullah winning her class at EKKA.


Our Collie babies have been out and about in the showring, Giselle winning Baby of Breeds here in Victoria whilst in Queensland her sister Ariel has Baby Puppy in group awards to her name.

Blaze graduated puppy school

Blaze graduating from puppy school

Gizelle and her dad

Meanwhile our Sheltie youngster is a Multi Class in group winner as well as being well on her way to her title.





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